UARK Gaming- Game Fest


From 6pm to 6am, the UARK gaming club hosted an event in the STC full of gaming, tournaments, prizes and A LOT of Rockstar.

6:30 PM

First up on the agenda was the FIFA 17, Counter Strike: Go, and Rocket League on both console and PC. FIFA 17 is extremely popular game among soccer fans that involves creating a career for the main character or managing your own team complete with profiles on REAL international soccer players and their stats.



The victor team of this tournament were Raiyan Syed and Salman Khalid.

fifa victors

Counter Strike, is a popular online multiplayer shooter game that can be considered a classic. Going strong since the days of LAN parties, this game has thousands of loyal fans.


The Skilled shooters who won this tournament were Hansel, Sam, Colby, Mason and Garrett.

csgo winners

Rocket League, on the other hand, is an up and coming game that came out not that long ago in July 2015. The  popular game involves controlling a car with team mates to hit a ball into the opposing team’s net. So, think soccer but with very fast cars that can go up walls and flip without any damage.


It was a close victory among both with players who are avid fans and experienced players of both, but the Rocket League victors, in the end were Conner Heo and Nathan Wolcott.

rocket league victors


 10 PM

Street Fighter 5 and Overwatch tournaments began. Street Fighter 5 is the newest game in the much loved Street Fighter series. Going strong since 1987, the series involves controlling a character where the story only progresses when you successfully defeat your enemies in a fight without weapons. The game is most known for it’s multiplayer function where you and your friends can fight against each other as some of the characters of the story line.


The victor of this tournament was Joseph Zhang.

street fighter victor


The other game, Overwatch, is Blizzards biggest success besides the well-known mmorpg World of Warcraft. The game came out in May 2016, the Blizzard game has formed quite the following with players numbering in the hundreds of thousands. While this is no where near World of Warcraft’s numbers, the game certainly has the possibility of doing so. Overwatch is an online multiplayer game where players fight in matches against each other in an attempt to get a particular goal for that specific game. Each character has a backstory which can be revealed in various comics and videos that Blizzard have released.


The skilled team that won this tournament were Trevor Bartlett, Garrett Van and Buskirk
Aldrin Warrick.

overwatch victors

2 AM

The last event of the night were the most anticipated- and the most lengthy. It was the League of Legends tournament. This extremely popular multiplayer online game has millions of players world wide and even has an international official tournament with the victor walking away with a $20 million prize. It’s streamed all over the world and the event is held inside a stadium with an in-house audience of lucky fans. The game pins 2 teams against each other, each player controlling a champion to complete the goal of the game in order to raise their rank.


It was an especially close match since this is the most popular game played in the Student Technology Center, but we want to congratulate the victors, Drake Maltos, Ye Paing and Sora Imamura.

league winner


The Student Technology Center especially wants to thank Johnston Ewing for providing the staff and participants with Rockstar energy drinks for the night.

maxresdefault (1)





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