Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my student ID- can I tell you my ID number instead?

No. Even if you made a reservation ahead of time, we can not check out or reserve items or stations for a student or staff member unless we look at your University ID card.  There are no exceptions to this rule. We enforce this rule to prevent unjust fines and charges on the wrong student’s account in the case of giving an ID number that is not theirs.

Can I check out a keyboard at the front desk and use at the DML or vice versa?

No, keyboards checked out up front are to ONLY be used for gaming purposes in the gaming lounge and keyboards checked out the DML are to ONLY be used in the DML. We enforce this to lower the chance of lost or unaccounted for keyboards. We also have a set number of keyboards in both places. There number of keyboards in the lounge is exactly the same as the number of gaming computers we have and the same is true for the DML.

Can I use my own keyboard/headphones/mouse with the gaming computers?

Yes, you may use your own set up equipment with the gaming computers. However, even if you are not going to use it, you still need to check out a keyboard so we know that a gaming computer is in use.

Can I bring my own games/consoles to play on the stations?

Yes, you may bring in your own console and games to play as long as it is appropriate (no explicit nudity, sex scenes, etc.) . However, you still need to reserve and check out the station to use it or you might be asked to move.

Do you have [insert game title here]?

You can check which games we currently have on the game list tabs on the home page, on, or look at the green binder on the counters of the front desks of the gaming lounge

Can I bring a game or controller home?

In some cases, yes, depending on what time you check it out. The controllers are checked out at a max of 5 hours and these roll over to the next business day. For example, a controller checked out at 10 pm would be due back at 11am the next day. To prevent the loss of games, you may only check out one game at a time.

Help! I forgot to turn something in and the STC is closed!

While the fine rate is $5/hour, you will only be charged for every business hour that the item is late. This means that the fine will not go up when the STC is closed for non-operating hours, holidays, extreme weather, or for any other reason. Please note that you can also turn in laptops at Mullins Library, which has longer hours than the STC.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation yourself by going to and logging in with your UARK account or by clicking the “Reserve an Item” tab on the home page. You may also make a reservation by coming to the STC with your student ID and speaking with a lab-operator.

 For how long can I check out a laptop?

We have laptops available for 24 hour and 5 hour checkout.

Can I reserve/check out [insert specific laptop or station number]

Sometimes. You can not request a specific item if there are multiples of the same at the time of the reservation. However, you may ask the lab-op at the time of the check out. This does not guarantee that you will get it and is completely dependent on availability. When you make a reservation for something like a laptop, you are reserving a spot to get one, not the actual laptops themselves. Because of this, we recommend that all users log out of all their accounts and back up all of their files on a flash drive or cloud. Absolutely be sure that you have removed all sensitive information from the laptop before returning it. 

Can I have someone else pick up my items for me?

No. While we do allow other people to return items, under no condition do we allow someone to pick up another person’s reserved items. You must show up with your  student ID.

I’m going to be late for my reservation. What can I do?

If you realize that you are going to be late to a reservation, you can call the STC and ask them to move back the reservation. However, depending on availability, this may not be possible. You have a 20 minute grace period before the reservation times out and you are logged as a no-show. If the reservation times out, this gives other users an opportunity to reserve or check out the item that you would have otherwise gotten and we can not turn them away if this is the case. There is no penalty for no-shows.

My computer says that I need an administrative password to do a thing. What do I do?

Needing an administrative password usually is the result of downloading or the attempted installation of a program onto the computer. When you see the admin password box, contact a lab technician on duty. If they determine that the program is appropriate, they will input their information into the admin password box, and you may continue.

Can I use a group recording studio?

The group recording studios are for the use of group studying or audio work only. If you want to use the studio primarily for studying by yourself, you may use the individual study rooms instead.

I made a reservation but you don’t have my item available. What gives?

The availability of equipment is dependent on other students returning the equipment on time. You can make a reservation for later when none of the equipment is available currently, because it is assumed that the student will return it on time. If the student does not return a piece of equipment on time (which is common in the case of laptops), we will not be able to give you it since it is not physically in the STC. You may make another reservation for later and come back then.

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