Hosting an event at the STC

Do you want to host an event at the STC?

If the answer is yes, you need to read this page carefully. Between gaming tournaments, holiday events, and working with RSOs, we host many events at the STC throughout the academic year. If you want to host an event at the STC, you must contact us at least a month in advance with the details of the event.

Please email the following information to Jered Guist (, Zachary Tipton (, and Travis Flynch ( to host an event:

  • Name of the event
  • Date of the event
  • Expected time duration of the event
  • Expected number of turnout
  • Name of the person organizing the event along with the name of the RSO
  • Details surrounding the type of activities that you are planning on
  • Details surrounding decorations
  • Details surrounding any potential food or catering
  • How many gaming stations or gaming computers that you intend to use, if any
  • Which games you intend to use, if any

Or fill out this form and hand it or email it to us:

STC Event application

Afterwards, one or both supervisors will contact you back with further instruction or questions. Failure to submit this information at least a month in advance means that we can not guarantee that we will be able to host the event. If you do not contact us at all about an event, when you show up, you will not be able to check out or reserve multiple stations, gaming computers, or video games at once. We also reserve the right to shut down the event, ban users, or even contact UAPD if anyone at the event is:

  • harassing other users
  • breaking or damaging equipment
  • doing illegal or prohibited activities (smoking/vaping, drinking, skateboarding, etc.)
  • obviously inebriated
  • engaging in inappropriate activities