Special Print Jobs


What is this thing? The Plotter Printer

Currently at the STC we have the ability to do large format prints such as posters and banners.

What’s the largest you can print out?

 The largest width for the plotter printer is 44 inches with a basic unlimited length.

What format does the file have to be in?

All prints must be in CMYK color.  The best format to print from will be an illustrator file but other file formats can be used (consultation will determine).

How much does it cost?

Currently the prices for prints are:  $3 per square foot for regular matte print and $5 for a gloss print.  The max width for gloss prints is less than the matte print but is dependent on the file being printed.  Users will be billed for prints from their razorbucks account.

How do I request a print job?

The plotter is available only via contacting a support person at the Student Technology Center. Please email jguist@uark.edu for requests and any further questions. After contacting us a consultation will be set up to determine how the print will be done including a test print on the xerox machine.  **It is advised to give plenty of time for the print to be finished.

What about smaller special print jobs? The Xerox Printer

We also have the capability of printing out smaller special print jobs from letter size (8.5 x 11″) to tabloid size (11 x 17″) with the Xerox printer. If you have need to print on special paper, this would be the printer for the job.

How do I request to use the Xerox printer?

To request to print from the Xerox printer, simply ask a lab technician. Once you have what you want to print off ready, the lab tech will install the printer driver onto your computer and you can send it to the print queue like printing off a normal black and white print.

How much does using the Xerox printer cost?

The cost of the print job is the same as a standard print job, depending on if it’s color($0.20/page) or black and white($0.05/page). The amount is taken out of your normal print allowance.

Do I have to bring my own paper?

The STC keep A5, letter, tabloid, and resume paper in stock. You will need to supply any other type of paper. Please know the dimensions of the paper by the time of the printing.