I have a fine. What now?

About the fines

All fines, under usual circumstances, are final. They should show up on your UAconnect account about a week after the fine has been finalized. You pay that fine there. All late fees for equipment rental is $5/hour for every hour that the item is late until the fine reaches the original price of that item. Until that item is returned, you can not check out any other items. However, even if you have not paid off the fine, if you have returned the item, you may resume checking out items.

Here are some potential reasons for fines:

  • late equipment return
  • broken or damaged equipment upon return
  • missing pieces upon return

What if I lost the item?

Except for some special cases, if you lose the item, you will get fined the original price of the item that was lost. If you were to lose the item, as soon as you notice, you should contact the Student Technology Center and inform them as soon as possible. You should always explain the circumstances of the missing item as best as possible. In certain special cases, if you have been deemed not responsible for the disappearance (or even damaging) of the item, your fine may be pardoned. Each case is different so it’s very important to give us as many details as possible as well as any evidence you may have to support your case. If the item has been stolen, file a police report and give us a copy of it. If the item was checked out to you damaged or with missing pieces, you should bring it back to the STC as soon as possible in order to avoid fines and get a replacement.

What if I have a dispute with the fine?

Our lab operators are human and can sometimes make mistakes. The STC can get quite busy and lab operators are stretched thin between checking in and out items along with providing application support. Sometimes, things get so backed up that items don’t get turned in for 30 minutes after they were put on the counter. This can sometimes cause the renter (you) to get a fine for an overdue item that you technically turned in on time. If this is the case, you should email stsfines@uark.edu  to bring this to our attention so we can fix your fine. DO NOT ask to talk to a supervisor or email them about this unless prior advised to do so. Also, in the case of using an in-house item such as a recording studio or team meeting room, please be sure that you let the lab operator know that you are done using the item so that they may turn it in. If you do not tell them, it won’t get turned in and you will get a fine, regardless if you left on time. Please remember that each case is different and if you are deemed responsible, all fines are final. It is your responsibility to know when an item is due and to turn it in on time.

Can I get an extension on the due date?

We at the student technology center know that sometimes life happens. Unexpected things come up and sometimes those prevent you from bringing up an item on time. In the event that you are unable to return an item on time, you may be able to get an extension, depending on the situation and equipment. To do this, you need to call the Student Technology Center or email a supervisor as soon as possible with details of the situation. Each case is different and someone else getting an extension should not be an indicator if you will get one or not. Remember: it’s always better to turn it in early than late. Also, someone you know and trust can turn in the item for you, but can not check it back out for you.

Examples of reasons for approving extensions:

  • sudden illness or accident that makes you incapable of coming to campus
  • death in the family
  • university exams\obligatory events that have changed schedules
  • dangerous weather
  • car or other transportation has broken

Examples of reasons for declining extensions:

  • You forgot
  • Class or work during this time
  • You didn’t know what time it was due or the lab-op didn’t tell you when it was due
  • You need to study or do homework
  • You’re out of town

If, for some reason, you believe that the due date is not accurate, call or visit the STC as soon as possible. It’s very important that you tell the truth in these situations. If you are caught lying, your extension will be revoked and you will be fined as well as other disciplinary actions. We also record how many times people request extensions and take this into account as well as other STC rental history.


Tips to avoid fines:

  • Ask the lab operator what time and date the item is due
  • Make a note in your calendar with reminders of when it is due
  • read the emailed receipt that is sent to you when you check out items (it can sometimes go to spam)
  • Don’t leave the equipment sitting by itself in somewhere like the library where it can be stolen and hide it out of sight if you have to leave it in your car
  • Actually, if possible, avoid leaving it in your car
  • Be mindful of what all came with the item (Ex. cords, batteries, chargers, etc.)
  • Be mindful of how you are handling the equipment (Ex. If you are using one of the digital still cameras, do you have the strap around your neck?)
  • Don’t loan the equipment to friends or family, especially unsupervised. It’s checked out under your name so YOU will be responsible for any damage that they did
  • Be sure to know if you have an obligation such as work or class that would prevent you from turning it in on time
  • COMMUNICATE! We can’t extend your due date if you’re bed ridden with the flu and you don’t call or email us.